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(2007 - 2013) Orr & Sweeney are dance ecologists, who co-facilitate residential research intensives in remote and regional locations in UK and Australia, developing a method for cross-cultural and interdisciplinary live performance practices based in site, bringing together professionals from land science and various arts disciplines.

Originally operating under the umbrella term ‘Rockface’, Orr & Sweeney’s work is centred around new knowledge construction formed out of immersive performance ecology acts that occur between the boundaries of live art, new media and physical performance. Since 2006 they have developed an ongoing Embodied Research Forum – a nomadic platform that invites visual artists, archaeologists, architects, ecologists, environmentalists, choreographers, designers and geologists to partake in sense led physical explorations of land through immersive practices.


Orr & Sweeney’s approach is informed by contemporary choreographic practice and advocates a critical cultural dialogue between audience, performer and environment that actively seeks new performance vocabularies and language exchanges across disciplines to contribute to a wider sustainability discourse.

Their work has been performed widely throughout the UK and Australia, supported by the Centre for Sustainable Futures (UK) the Centre for Interdisciplinary Arts (WA), CRAFTS Council, ACT, PLaCE International Research Centre, University of West England and Dance in Devon.

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