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Photo credit Alan Smith
GAELTONES ~ a sound dance

Created and Performed by Rachel Sweeney and Guillermo Luis Horta Betancourt


11/06/18 The Audio Visual Body symposium, University of Huddersfield 

15/06/18 Central Arts Theatre Waterford Ireland

ANOIKIS presents 'Love Me....a tender duet'

12.03.17 7:30pm LEAP Dance Festival, MADE, North Liverpool Docks

31.03.17 THRESHOLD FESTIVAL, Baltic Triangle, Liverpool

A butoh inspired duet exploring themes of obsession, lust, loneliness and guilt. Based ostensibly upon relationship between mid 20th century rock & roll stars and their fans. This piece seeks to question the spiritual crisis that critic Greil Marcus put forward as being a fundamental element of the Elvis phenomenon....the still birth of his twin brother Jesse. 

Dancers: Rachel Sweeney, Melissa Pasut

Sound: Andrew Leslie-Hooker

Choreographic Mentor: Sayoko Onishi

Guillermo Louis Horta Betancourt & Rachel Sweeney

March 10, 2017

Cornerstone Arts Festival 2017

10.03.2017 2:30pm Cornerstone Theatre, Liverpool

Part installation, part spoken word, part movement duet. 


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18.05.2017 7.30pm Capstone Theatre, Liverpool as part of Writing on the Wall Festival 2017.

In 2015, Writing on the Wall premiered ‘Estuary’, a performance featuring Liverpool based artists from a range of disciplines, based on Seán Street's poetry of tides, rivers and harbours, with musical settings by Neil Campbell and featuring vocalist Perri Alleyne-Hughes. Two years on, this collaborating team have developed a completely new interpretation of the work in collaboration with acclaimed choreographer and dancer, Rachel Sweeney, and with visual realisations by photographer/filmmaker/fine artist Peter Dover.

Photo credit Alan Smith