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Dr Rachel Sweeney


Rachel has taught movement practice and philosophy in Higher Education since 2004 and is currently Program Lead for the MA in Movement Mind and Ecology at Schumacher College and is a founder member of the South West Movement Research Network in Devon. Her teaching practice emphasizes a sensuous scholarship (Susan Foster) within transdisciplinary research and together with Dr Marie Metenier and Dr Pavel Cenkl, Director of Schumacher College Devon, she runs the Movement, Mind and Ecology Master’s program offered through Schumacher College, UK which connects communities across different geographic locations using an hybrid teaching framework that recognises the potential of transformative education across disciplines. 

The aim of these three days is to introduce participants to new ways of understanding the interconnected nature of the world and their place in it. Using the position, touch and movement of our own bodies, and multi-species storytelling, we’ll develop an empathy for and greater awareness of the ecological web of which we are all part. We’ll also gain an appreciation of the idea of the more-than-human, and our relationship to it.

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